Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Beryllium Hydride
      Beryllium Fluoride
      Beryllium Chloride
      Beryllium Bromide
      Beryllium Iodide
      Beryllium Double Halides
      Beryllium Oxyhalides
      Beryllium Oxide
      Beryllium Hydroxide
      Beryllium Beryllate
      Beryllium Peroxide
      Beryllium Sulphide
      Beryllium Sulphide
      Beryllium Double Sulphates
      Beryllium Sulphite
      Beryllium Thiosulphate
      Beryllium Selenate
      Beryllium Chromate
      Beryllium Hydride
      Beryllium Chromite
      Beryllium Molybdate
      Beryllium Nitride
      Beryllium Azide
      Beryllium Nitrate
      Beryllium Phosphates, Phosphite, and Hypophosphite
      Beryllium Hypophosphate
      Beryllium Arsenates
      Beryllium Arsenite
      Beryllium Antimonate
      Beryllium Hydride
      Beryllium Vanadates
      Beryllium Niobate
      Beryllium Carbide
      Beryllium Borocarbide
      Beryllium Carbonate
      Beryllium Acetate
      Beryllium Oxalates
      Beryllium Cyanide
      Beryllium Platinocyanide
      Beryllium Silicates
      Beryllium Silicotungstate
      Beryllium Borate
      Beryllium Aluminate

Beryllium Phosphates, Phosphite, and Hypophosphite

Monoberyllium orthophosphate, BeH4(PO4)2, is similar to the corresponding arsenate. Triberyllium orthophosphate, Be3P2O8.6H2O, is precipitated from beryllium sulphate by disodium phosphate in the presence of acetic acid. Sodium pyrophosphate precipitates beryllium pyrophosphate, Be2P2O7.9H2O, from solutions of beryllium salts. Colourless crystals of beryllium metaphosphate, Be(PO3)2, can be prepared if water is absent.

Ouvrard obtained some double phosphates of beryllium with alkali metals.

Beryllium phosphite (basic), 4BeHPO3.BeO.7H2O, and hypophosphite, BeH4P2O4, have been prepared.

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