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Beryllium Phosphates, Phosphite, and Hypophosphite

Monoberyllium orthophosphate, BeH4(PO4)2, is similar to the corresponding arsenate. Triberyllium orthophosphate, Be3P2O8.6H2O, is precipitated from beryllium sulphate by disodium phosphate in the presence of acetic acid. Sodium pyrophosphate precipitates beryllium pyrophosphate, Be2P2O7.9H2O, from solutions of beryllium salts. Colourless crystals of beryllium metaphosphate, Be(PO3)2, can be prepared if water is absent.

Ouvrard obtained some double phosphates of beryllium with alkali metals.

Beryllium phosphite (basic), 4BeHPO3.BeO.7H2O, and hypophosphite, BeH4P2O4, have been prepared.

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