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Beryllium Nitrate, Be(NO3)2

Beryllium Nitrate, Be(NO3)2.4H2O, was the second salt of beryllium prepared by Vauquelin, who used it as one means of distinguishing between the new earth and alumina. He discovered that it was very deliquescent, and had a sweet taste followed by astringency. It forms a crystalline, deliquescent mass, which melts in its water at 60.5° C. It is only stable in contact with nitric acid or its vapour, since it readily loses oxides of nitrogen. It is most easily prepared by saturating nitric acid with beryllium carbonate, evaporating, and adding concentrated nitric acid. It is soluble in alcohol and acetone, and can be recrystallised from concentrated nitric acid.

Since aluminium nitrate is insoluble in amyl alcohol, beryllium nitrate can be freed from it by this solvent.

Small quantities of beryllium nitrate are often used in solutions for impregnating incandescent mantles.

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